2008 September 03 – Links for today


Building a CMS system in ASP.NET


Creating a popless notification window (kinda like the outlook email notification window)


Soak Your Headfree on-line application that provides dual-n-back training for memory and intelligence
Google steps into the cage that is the browser war and does it with a comic which is well worth viewing.
Is HTML 5 worth caring about?


An awesome silverlight drag , drop and docking article by Martin Grayson


Brian Knight presents a video on Using Profiler – SQL School Videohow to create a trace and the various options you have for monitoring events


Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing
Check out the User Interface Resuorce Centerprovides free articles and White Papers written by industry leaders about user interface design and rich Internet applications (RIAs)
The Guys at Effective UI show some sterling examples of how it can be done.


Excellent article on Using Callback Contracts in WCF for Asynchronous Publish/Subscribe Event-Style Communication
Using WCF Callback Services Throttling


Mike Taulty has published a bunch of his WPF Event samples


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