2008 August 29 – Links for today


Scott Mitchell on Easy LINQ Queries, Becoming A Better Developer, And Logging Help
Ken Getz’s The LINQ Enumerable Class, Part 2


Shawn Wildermuth’s Create Data-Centric web applications with Silverlight 2
John Papa’s Service-Driven Apps With Silverlight 2 And WCF
Dino Esposito on Building A Secure AJAX Service Layer (and Silverlight)


Screen readers came into focus today so I downloaded a couple for testing with
NVDA and Thunder are the 2 I have initially gone for. I must confess I would have liked to try JAWS but the $895(US) kinda put me off a little. Any chance of a free developer version guys? We can only hope.
Oh, and a great article about accessible rich internet applications at Yahoo! to top it off too


Rudi Grobler’s blog today mentions a couple of links regarding WPF in LOB applications: Lawson Smart Office and a video as to why / how it works
A reminder of all the great video tutorials up on windowsclient.net
Glenn Block’s Patterns for building composite applications with WPF
Brian Noyes’ article on Understanding routed events and commands in WPF
Charles Petzoid on Dependency Properties And Notifications


Kent Tegels’ Model Your Data Hierarchies With SQL Server 2008


User Group TV (ugtv)

a monthly webcast dedicated to bringing informative programming to User Groups worldwide while providing Microsoft the ability to introduce up and coming informatino to user group communities as well as highlight our engagement with them


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