2008 August 20 – Links for today

Ok, so after speaking with the missus, she thinks I should provide more than just links so that anyone who does stumble upon these will get some commentary as well. So… from this point forwards, and yes I do realise this is only day 2, I will include a least a basic breakdown of what the link is for and when I have investigated further, time and inclination allowing, I may even update it with a mini review although I hope most of the articles / pages that I link to should kind of speak for themselves


Dan Wahlin updates his SL articles – REALLY worth a looksee
A flyout stackpanel menu control
Vector based particle generator engine
An awesome tutorial on Messagebox functionality in SL2
Creating a Silverlight 2 Client Access Policy Socket Server Silverlight 2 provides built-in support for sockets which allows servers to push data to Silverlight clients :0 I knew this not! I wish to know more
Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with a WCF Duplex Service – Part I – Erm guess this one continues on from pushing data to SL Client from server.
Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with a WCF Duplex Service ? Part II – continues on from Part 1 above.
Mike Snow does it again with a stunning demo on creating a transparent draggable dialog with rounded corners. P.S This is a gorgeous effect and may well be kinda useful in line with the Messagebox functionality above.

Crikey, there is just soooo much Silverlight goodiness out there when you start digging.
windows Journal / scribble app in Silverlight
Slide show / gallery and yeah, I know it’s old, but it’s still pretty cool and with easy to follow instructions on how to set it all up


StyleCop updated for all those with code style and self documenting code fetishes disorders standards


The Natual UI guys are doing some incredible stuff with multi touch Natural Interfaces, and at their community site
Stepping beyond the GUI with Windows surface / NUI tools
More examples of Surface type technology
Google’s Summer of code NUI projects
And more on gestural interfaces


Christopher Bennage adds Part 3 of his “Building a WPF Application” series


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